Friday, December 17, 2010

NetworkedBlogs through FaceBook

I thought I'd try out this service offered by FaceBook. The main reason was to get more views and readers to share my writing with. Did I even think about everything else I would be sharing?, of course not. Being as savvy as I think I am about security and privacy issues, I simply reached out for the candy, the sweet thought that so many more would read my thoughts. I will keep this blog on the service for a while. If it proves to be too Share-y, for myself , my readers and other blogs I follow etc...I will have to let the service go. Not that the info shared will retreat to it's original source though....more food for thought as I read Michael Moore's blog posts!


See you soon, dear Friends! ( everywhere...on line that is! ;>)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Updates,endless updates...

Greetings Folks.

Long time, No post...I know. Life will tear us away from the things we love and my loves are no exception. That was then and this is Now. I have fallen into Face Book, oh yes. It is a wonder, and I'm not the only one who sees the end of email because of it. Instant communication! Drive Through Friendships! Don't like 'em anymore? Un-friend them! Poof! How very Up To Date is that! It's downright Orwellian too. Dark thoughts come to the surface if you really consider just who-all is watching these posts and chat boxes. Senator McCarthy would have so proud of that, but 'Power corrupts,,etc.' and there's never been so much power in our Government as there is today. Sadly, it's the kind of power that makes you say "Gee, Ike was right!"

To be continued...unless I get Wikkileaked, that is!