Friday, December 17, 2010

NetworkedBlogs through FaceBook

I thought I'd try out this service offered by FaceBook. The main reason was to get more views and readers to share my writing with. Did I even think about everything else I would be sharing?, of course not. Being as savvy as I think I am about security and privacy issues, I simply reached out for the candy, the sweet thought that so many more would read my thoughts. I will keep this blog on the service for a while. If it proves to be too Share-y, for myself , my readers and other blogs I follow etc...I will have to let the service go. Not that the info shared will retreat to it's original source though....more food for thought as I read Michael Moore's blog posts!


See you soon, dear Friends! ( everywhere...on line that is! ;>)


  1. So you're only going to keep this blog for a while? Faaarompfff!'s only as personal as you want it to be, right? I love to read your articles and honestly with this many miles between's a great way to stay connected. I do so hope you will consider staying.
    Yust me :)

  2. Wow,Joan. Your comments keep trickling, all this time later. Blogs are strange animals.

    I have been lax of late in posting.There's a new vein of story ore to mine in my life these days.Won't spill the beans now, but it will turn into article posts, you can Count on It!

    The miles are only in some 3D universe.In mine, you're never far away.

  3. Hey Joan...again,
    The notion of keeping the blog "for a while" is not about the blog. It's about the Facebook "networked blogs" link...that gets my entire friend list a way to see it.
    Sorry bout that,Love!



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