Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Updates,endless updates...

Greetings Folks.

Long time, No post...I know. Life will tear us away from the things we love and my loves are no exception. That was then and this is Now. I have fallen into Face Book, oh yes. It is a wonder, and I'm not the only one who sees the end of email because of it. Instant communication! Drive Through Friendships! Don't like 'em anymore? Un-friend them! Poof! How very Up To Date is that! It's downright Orwellian too. Dark thoughts come to the surface if you really consider just who-all is watching these posts and chat boxes. Senator McCarthy would have so proud of that, but 'Power corrupts,,etc.' and there's never been so much power in our Government as there is today. Sadly, it's the kind of power that makes you say "Gee, Ike was right!"

To be continued...unless I get Wikkileaked, that is!


  1. Well, well, well...It's about time you got back here! LOL I was told of your facebook but since I refuse to try yet one more mode of communication (that will probably die out just like all the others seem to), I can't see any of your updates, etc. So, when did all the humans on this planet get so fickle? Do we really get so bored so quickly that we have to continue to jump from one thing to the next in the blink of an eye? I wonder what will take the place of facebook when the masses become bored with that. ;)'s great to see you back and I sure hope you continue to stay too.
    Have I missed you? Yes indeed!

  2. OH,Joanie...what can I say? I thought the facebook a marvel for finding all the old school chums that you know I haven't seen since '69. The air fare I was 'saving'! The novelty of creating groups and having coffee klatches with the girls.
    All of it so fun. I even have a 'nightclub radio show' on my page. Yes,I'm a sucker for a new toy. Now the toy is a monster. It has done anything but fade,as I'm sure you are aware by now. In bed with Google and Yahoo,and who's next? I have to wonder what other mutant web spawn will emerge next from their union.
    The novelty of Groups wears off,as folks return to their own pages and private lives. One must always be inventing something new.I am now ALL OVER Google,thanks to FB.New and Improved privacy settings are a crock. The computer and web clueless use the Apps,inspite of the "Accept" button they have to push in order to play silly Fischer-Price level games like Farmville. They do not read the faded gray print above the button that says they are about to gut their friend list and spill it on the killing floor for spammers and hackers to scavenge everything you didn't make private in your page settings.Do they care,or are they products of No Child Left Behind? Who Knows?

    If I Swear to snail you, I'll be reminded that I should "swear not,lest ye be fore sworn" LMAO!
    I'll admit this much,as the song says:"I've been one poor correspondent,and I've been too,too hard to find...but it doesn't mean you ain't been on my mind".
    Your photo,the one I took from the window of my Mazda in your back yard in Mudnair, is on the wall in front of me,along with others,as I sit here.With your arms folded,that smile with tilted head that says "Oh yeah,right,Robin...,hahaha!" reminds me that we are good friends in spite of time or distance. I sure hope it stays that way!


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